Continuing on from our Best Picture Winner decade-by-decade breakdown from last week’s part 1 Dakota Arsenault and Andreas Babiolakis count down the top five films of 1938-1947. 

– Dakota recommends that you read the bio and trivia on actor John Garfield

Here is a link to our bottom five in this decade’s Best Picture Winner’s

Dakota’s ratings come first followed by Andreas’

5. Gentleman’s Agreement 7.5/10 8/10

4. You Can’t Take It With You 8.3/10 8/10

3. The Lost Weekend 8.7/10 9/10

2. Rebecca 8.5/10 10/10

1. Casablanca 9/10 10/10

Best Picture- Casablanca for both Dakota and Andreas 

Best Actor- Ray Milland (The Lost Weekend) for both Dakota and Andreas 

Best Actress- Greer Garson (Mrs. Miniver) for both Dakota and Andreas 

Best Supporting Actor- Lionel Barrymore (You Can’t Take It With You) is Dakota’s pick

John Garfield (Gentleman’s Agreement) is Andreas’ pick

Best Supporting Actress- Teresa Wright (Mrs. Miniver and The Best Year’s Of Our Lives) is Dakota’s pick

Judith Anderson (Rebecca) is Andreas’ pick

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