Phosphene’s history began in 2008, when bandmates Rachel Frankel (vocals/guitar) and Matt Hemmerich (drums) met in San Francisco. In 2013, the duo met Kevin Kaw (bass/guitar) at a songwriting event featuring The National. Soon after, they poached him to play bass on their first batch of songs. The seamless chemistry between the three resulted in the debut LP, Phosphene, in which the band expanded their sound as a fortified trio.

This gorgeous song combines an ethereal-like quality to the guitars and uplifting vocals making this song very powerful. You can pre-order their upcoming album Breaker for only $5 HERE.

“This song transpired from Matt’s curious meandering on the guitar. Rachel then came in and wrote a lush melody with some haunting harmonies over it. Our favorite part is the final third, where Kevin’s propulsive bass line carries us to the finish line.”