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Magic Man with The Griswolds and Panama Wedding at Mod Club

Photos by Dawn Hamilton

This week, electro-rock act Magic Man delivers an electrified performance when their Hotline Spring Tour hits The Virgin Mod Club. Magic Man is quickly becoming everyone’s favourite band with their anthemic dance-worthy music. The band was praised by popular music blogs for songs such as “Paris” and “Texas” which was featured on their 2013 EP You Are Here.

With their widespread success, Magic Man went on tour with fellow synth rockers like MS MR, and Smallpools. Adding to their repertoire of amazing songs, they released their second studio album in 2014 called Before the Waves. The album was celebrated by fans and critics alike, creating much buzz for their live shows.

After spending most of 2015 as opening acts for bands such as Panic! At the Disco and Walk the Moon, it was time for Magic Man to radiate some waves of their own with a little help from their friends.

The show started with one of indie pop’s brightest rising acts Panama Wedding. Their lush summery anthems which are featured on their EPs Parallel Play and Into Focus created a feel-good start to what bound to be an incredible evening. Following Panama Wedding was Sydney-based band, The Griswold.

Appearing on stage to Shania Twain’s hit song “Man! I Feel Like a Woman”, The Griswold opened with “Down and Out” and “16 Years”. Lead singer, Christopher Whitehall had only one question for the concertgoers, “Toronto, are you ready to dance?” The crowd responded with a resounding yes and began singing their hearts to fan favourites such as “Right On Track” and “Be Impressive”.

Whitehall announced the band is currently working a new album and took the opportunity showcase the new material. “Get into My Heart” and “Roles Models” are slightly different from their usually lighter stuff but it doesn’t shy away from those dance-inspired beats. They saved the best for last when they performed songs from their classic EP Heart of a Lion.

 With the audience still hyped from The Griswold’s set, you could feel the anticipation grow as stage crew prepare for Magic Man’s set. As the instrumentals begin to play, the crowd goes wild as the band’s lead singer Alex Caplow appeared on stage. Their set started with “Apollo”” and immediately you could tell you are about to have a memorable concert experience.

Filling the room with bright synths, disco lights, and high energy, Toronto was spellbound by Magic Man performance. They performed songs mainly featured on Before the Waves such as “Waves”, “Every Day” and “Tonight”. The crowd was hooked and Magic Man embraced the crowd’s excitement. Caplow announced the band was also working on a new album and was eager to perform some new songs (“Out of Mind” and “Sleepwalking).

Caplow knows how to charm his fans during each performance. He isn’t afraid to let loose and release that infectious energy which his bandmates eagerly follows. This was showcased entirely during the band’s cover Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark”. Caplow’s dedication only secures his role as a phenomenal frontman and the crowd appreciates his efforts.

Overall, the Hotline Spring tour was a great opportunity to released those summery vibes and witness some pretty cool bands take a shiny new approach to pop music. The night ended with an amazing cover to R. Kelly’s “Ignition” featuring all the bands on the tour.

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