Photo by Jen Squires

From The Artist : I have a very romantic side of me that I’ve let guide me in the past. It’s lead me into some really beautifully intimate moments. But, in the past few years, I’ve gotten more guarded about letting that romantic side steer the ship. I somehow thought I was cultivating a more realistic view on love and the motivations behind loving someone.

It’s probably also about wanting to somehow remain in control – when you’re in love or falling in love, sometimes you lose that control. I didn’t want that feeling for a while…I wanted to feel like I had a complete handle on myself. I’ve really been suppressing this romantic part of myself, but it will always be here.

‘Never lose the romance’ – it’s a lyric from Mike Evin’s new song, “Recovering Romantic”, but it’s also a reflection on why he keeps making music. The Canadian piano pop tunesmith has been steadily building a loyal following across North America and beyond for over ten years, yet his new music has the feel of an artist still out to discover something fresh and honest and connect with a wider audience.

“Recovering Romantic” has an undeniable groove, rich with Afro-Latin drums, percussion and a catchy syncopated piano hook. The performance is organic, a throwback to when they made danceable pop music without the aid of computers. The lyrics capture the vulnerability, danger and beauty of falling in love. It was written in New Orleans, where Evin was living for a spell. Howie Beck (Charlotte Day Wilson, River Tiber) produced the track and manages to make it sound contemporary, classic and elusive all at once.

It’s a fluid sound sparked by a deft soul touch. There’s a depth behind these pop creations, expanding the initial impacting into an overflowing musical universe. That’s the key to bringing the listener back, you know you’re going to have new lyrical shades and sonic crevices to explore. The song works as both an immediate foot stopper and a layered evolving composition.

“Recovering Romantic” is the lead single from Evin’s sixth album, Evin On Earth, due later this year.

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