Concert Reviews

Bryan Adams at Budweiser Stage

“Cuts Like A Knife” was one of the videos that always caught my attention as a child growing up In the 80’s. Music was always a staple in my household and Bryan Adams was always on rotation. Being young, I didn’t fully understand how important he would become to modern rock music and how much he would put Canada on the map globally. It’s taken me over 30+ years to see him live and on July 3rd,2019 at Budweiser Stage, formally known as Molson Amphitheatre, the venue that he opened up for the first time ever in 1995, it was time!

In the midst of a summer heatwave became an absolutely glorious night for live music down by the lake at Budweiser Stage. While the crowd fills in to the perfect sunsetting backdrop, I get asked to take a photo of an overjoyed woman holding a sign that reads ” I’ve waited 35 years to see Bryan Adams” something we both had in common.

Awaiting the crowd was a quiet but very peaceful stage lit wth two soft spotlights and a backdrop of a side profile of Bryan, The “Shine a Light” album artwork and rightly named tour.

Walking out, smile on his face and waving to the completely packed crowd, Bryan dives into

‘Ultimate Love’ the start of the 33 song, 7 Encore song set. Playing classics like ” Summer of 69″, “Run to you” and “Cuts like an knife” the crowd was dancing and singing along like nothing I have ever seen before.

His music transcends all Age, Sex, Race and brought thousands of music lovers together to dance and sing the night away which was truly spectacular to witness and experience. I never took to my seat as I just wanted to walk the venue and take in the energy. Ushers taking videos and dancing in their sections, complete strangers embracing eachother and singing along together, slow dancing couples of all ages dancing in their isles to his love songs.. It was surreal!