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Lush has reeled me in once again, and this time it was their UK site that caught my eye. The UK website is very different from the North American one as it stocks not only the range available across North America, but a bunch of exclusive and limited edition products as well.

First up we have the Intergalactic Shower Gel, I was most excited for this as the bath bomb has become a staple in my bath routine. I was a bit worried on how the scent would translate into a shower gel, but this  smells exactly like the bath bomb and has a lot of gold sparkle in it. I have yet to use it so I’m unaware if it gives the same tingly sensation after using it with hot water, but it seems promising.

 The second thing I picked up was the Cookie Dough Shower Scrub. I’m still on the fence about the scent. It’s very sweet (as expected) but smells more like someone dumped a bunch of almond extract into a tub of play-doh. There is a hint of something sweet like vanilla, but it’s very much over powered by the almond.

Lastly, I picked up two bath oils. Both were part of May’s Lush Labs picks and are no longer available. For those not familiar, Lush Labs gives customers the opportunity to vote for items that are exclusively sold at Lush’s Liverpool store to be brought to the website for a limited run. Voting happens once a month, so each month new products have the chance to make it into the rotation.  The two i picked up were ‘Cream (left) and Imp-atient (right). I picked up ‘Cream expecting it to be my favourite of the two since it was cherry/almond scented, but it had a very synthetic smell to it as opposed to the sweetness of Cookie Dough.

Imp-atient on the other hand was very fruity and candy like. The only downside to the bath oils is the fact that they can melt in the mail. I’ve seen photos + heard stories of these melting and becoming unusable before they arrived due to the ‘naked’ packaging, as they just melted out into the shipping box. If bath oils interest you, I’d suggest waiting until the weather is cooler to avoid them melting in the mail and also to pick up a packing box for 75cents more. I was unaware Lush sold egg carton like containers that can hold 4 oils in them until after I made my purchase.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with the purchases. It’s kind of a thrill to see all of the neat things they carry in the UK and be able to try some of them out when they are of interest.

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