Online Identification and What You Can Expect in the Future

Does it feel like it’s getting harder and harder to ID yourself online?

It seems like every website has a different way of trying to confirm your identity or establishing that you’re not a robot. There are also different rules for passwords. You need to remember multiple words or phrases if you want to play on an online casino, check your bank balance, or do anything digitally.

So is this a digital world that we just need to get used to, or will new technology make it easier to keep our personal information safe from hackers? Thankfully, there are some promising solutions on the horizon that should make it easier to verify who you are to a casino, bank, and government department.

Real-Time ID Verification

Designed specifically for financial institutions, real-time ID verification will mean you don’t need to wait days or weeks for a response to a new account, loan, or mortgage. Businesses and banks can get an answer in seconds to verify your ID and get you access to what you need.

Some of the expected benefits include reducing the risk of fraud and money laundering. It’s also expected to meet the customer’s expectations of wanting access to items quickly and digitally.

Knowledge-Based Verification

If you’re not comfortable with digital signatures or entering in sensitive information such as your date of birth or address, then knowledge-based verification methods are another alternative to consider.

While this form of identification already exists, it’s expected to grow in usage and evolve to become even more secure. To protect your personal information, more companies will make use of your mobile phone. They’ll send access codes to identify you on webchats, messages, and even phone conversations before they learn more about what your inquiry is.

Biometric Systems

Many of us already use our fingerprints or face to unlock our mobile devices. Therefore, businesses are keen to utilize this technology to identify their customers. From a bank for the incredibly wealthy to a casino for high rollers, biometrics has proved to a secure method of protecting identities and personal information.

No fingerprint or face is alike. So, businesses and customers can feel assured that everyone is who they say they are, and there is no need to question the results of the identification.

Single Digital ID

The hope for many is that the world moves to a single digital ID that will work anywhere in the world. With this form of identification, you’ll be able to hire a vehicle with ease, play at any casino in the world, and easily open an account if you relocate to another country. 

It would be a simple, safe, and secure way to transact with the world. However, it does require a lot of international intervention and business models to change before this utopia can become a reality.