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Video Premiere : “In Vain” – Pan Arcadia

Pan Arcadia rises to the scene with their new single and video for “In Vain,” which hits all digital outlets today. Taking a page out of nostalgic early 2000s NYC bands like The Strokes, Pan Arcadia puts their own spin on the indie rock-meets garage rock genre. From the very first listen you’ll find yourself completely enticed by the band. With catchy hooks that carry throughout the track to vibrant instrumentation that will have you in awe, Pan Arcadia shows no signs of slowing down.

Hailing from New York City, Eamon Rush (vocals) and Dylan Kelly (guitar) met while serving middle school detention. After discovering a shared affinity for artists like The Velvet Underground and the Ramones, Rush and Kelly formed the group. Rush befriended Henry McGrath (bass) while playing basketball in high school and taught him bass. Gabriel “Gonzo” Gonzalez (guitar) was introduced to the Arcadians at a fateful house party in 2019. The ensemble cut their teeth playing small NYC dives and lounges. Along the way they met Brian Duke (drums), who joined permanently after a last minute fill-in with Pan Arcadia at The Mercury Lounge. Jimmy Brewer (trumpet) was swiftly recruited when discovered playing his trumpet atop a Washington Sq. Park lamp post.

This is a match made in heaven.

The video itself for “In Vain,” helps to further set the tone for the band and their vibrant, captivating sound. Swirling guitars float over a dreamy bed of music while Eamon Rush’s vocals hit you like a bolt of lightning. The rhythm is upbeat with a dash of darkness behind it, creating a hazy sound that will have you craving more.

Pan Arcadia’s “In Vain,” is out everywhere today.



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