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Written and produced by front man, Shaun Morgan, engineered by the band’s newest member, Corey Lowery, and mixed by Matt Hyde, Seether’s latest offering Wasteland – The Purgatory EP comes behind the release of their 8th studio album ‘Vis Pacem Para Bellum’.

The EP is bookended by two versions of Wasteland. The first being the album version and the other being an alternate stripped down version. Known for their sinister tone with catchy and anthemic rock numbers, the album version of Wasteland sets the mood for the EP as it’s dreamlike lyrics flows over the instrumentals to showcase Morgan’s signature harmonies.

In the middle of the EP, we have 3 never before heard songs. What Would You Do? and Feast Or Famine have that classic hard rock sound that we’ve come to know and love from Seether. Will It Ever End? starts off on the slower side but contains riffs that cut deep and are paired with lyrics like ‘fear is keeping me inside’, ‘I’ve had enough of it’ and ‘will it ever end ‘, which really sums up how a lot of us have felt throughout the pandemic.

Closing out the EP is the alternate version of Wasteland. This is where the versatility of the band really shines through as the tone of the song shifts with the addition of softer vocals, a piano, and a touch of cello that leaves you with a haunting feeling as the lyrics begin to resonate. It’s the perfect way to end the EP.

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Physical copies of the Wasteland – The Purgatory EP are available today on CD and will be available on vinyl October 22nd. You can check out all of the neat merch bundles here.


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