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Song Premiere : “Only Want You” – Teach Me Human

Teach Me Human is the brainchild of musician Brian Cotter. The new single “Only Want You” which is out via all digital outlets today, brings a heartfelt real-life story of hope and inspiration in the form of a song.

Based in Long Island, New York, Teach Me Human started as a three-piece Alt-Rock outfit, which has developed into Cotter’s personal passion project. After many years in different bands spanning eclectic genres from Punk to Hip Hop, as well as playing everywhere from dive bars to the main stage at Webster Hall, Teach Me Human is the culmination of everything Brian has learned. “Only Want You” is the perfect first listen into the Teach Me Human world which will entice you with every listen.

Though music has been his backbone, nothing could prepare him for the birth of his daughter Ruby, nor the devastating news that she would be needing a heart transplant at the inconceivable age of 2 months old. The year that followed was almost as unbelievable as it was miraculous. Brian and his wife Ashley put their lives on hold to care for their ailing daughter, while the community unified to help them through their struggle. Ruby would get her new heart, after experiencing an outpouring of love from both her immediate family as well as those she’d never even met.

“Only Want You” is filled with strong guitars and bright instrumentation that helps to bring the song to life; spreading Cotter’s message and lyricism as it shines through.

He continued to write and record as a method of catharsis and Teach Me Human’s upcoming EP “Sounds Of The Heart” is the result. The five songs on the EP document this time period, from when Brian received the life changing news he was to be a father all the way through Ruby’s recovery. Through it all, Brian’s songwriting has evolved to a place he may have never expected it to.

Teach Me Human’s “Only Want You” is a delightful and intricate song that will stand the test of time. Catch it via all digital outlets, out today.

From The Artist : “Only Want You” was written while I was away from home for 5 months. My wife was pregnant with our daughter Ruby. I spend a lot of time away from home for work and I usually make the most of it but this time was different. I was lonely, longing to be with my love and I knew she was lonely too. I just wanted to be home and it made me realize a lot about myself and what I really care about. The rest of the world doesn’t matter when you find the one you love.

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