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Song Premiere : “No Coup For Anyone” – Rise Carmine

Rise Carmine strives to find the balance between a well-written song and a dazzling brand of showmanship, between a chorus that you can sing along to and dual-guitar-harmony heroics that harken back to a time of tighter pants and longer hair. The musical outlet of Toronto bred multi-instrumentalist Liam Colbert, Rise Carmine’s forthcoming six-song EP was produced by Grammy Award-winner Dave Schiffman (Weezer, PUP, Vampire Weekend).

New single, “No Coup For Anyone,” is a plea to stop viewing any kind of activism as a signal of someone’s virtue, but also to not view a simple post online as a job well done. The title is a little tongue-in-cheek; obviously most coups throughout history were not born out of good intentions or did not lead to an objectively better form of government. What they do share is action on the part of the people.

From the Artist : “No Coup For Anyone” is a fairly pointed political song invoking action. Revolutions were not born out of apathy and complacency, and societal change won’t be either.

This type of action seems to be brought on by discomfort, citizens who are at their wit’s end. This song is me pleading to myself to take action even though I may not experience the injustice, but that a post of solidarity online shouldn’t be where I stop and congratulate myself.”

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