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Song Premiere : “This Human Thing” – Jelly Kelly

Jelly Kelly is a musical force that is coming to life in 2021. The group who hail from Brooklyn are currently sharing their new single “This Human Thing” which debuts today. The piece is taken from their upcoming album “Body Temp” due out mid-November.

Jelly Kelly sculpts a surreal surround sound approach to drone on the hazy waves of “This Human Thing.” The mixture of elements of the recording further lend to the experience’s sense of unease for nothing here remains that way for long.

Layer upon layer is further brought into the mix ensuring that the constant churn becomes something splendid to behold. Nothing here is held back for the guitar riffs themselves carry a degree of gravitas about them, making sure that they cascade downwards in a way that feels truly earned. Jelly Kelly revels in the details, both big and small, proving them to be a highly intelligent, thoughtful group.

By far the highlight comes from Kelly’s vocals which manages to have a truly commanding presence to it. For a nice counterpoint is the guitar work, for there is a sense of style about it, ranging from indie aesthetic to a light psychedelic element to it. Rhythms are unstoppable for there is a grandeur to the way they roll on by.

Started by Keith Kelly (vocals/guitar), initially as a side project from singing and playing guitar in Monogold, this has now become its own entity and band. Jared Apuzzo (drums), Nicolas Dube (guitar) and Dom Bodo (bass) round out the line-up.

Jelly Kelly’s “This Human Thing” is out today via all digital outlets.

From The Artist : The first single ” This Human Thing”, is about a vampire remembering how to love and falling in love with his prey unexpectedly. He’ll go to great lengths, even going to the beach if need be. Also he’s trying his best to convince her that his side really is quite beautiful. Finally in his last plea to make it more of a mutual moment he explains in the bridge…

“Dont let go, rise with me.
Say so long to the living.
You wont grow old or fade away. Just a lust for love always.
Your veins will hold centuries.
From birth to bones, but we’ll stay.
So you should know, that human thing….
it gets old believe me”

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