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Song Premiere : “Ain’t Got Time For This” – Talia Keys

If you are looking for a new alternative pop-rock artist, look no further than Talia Keys. A Salt Lake Citynative and a talented artist, today Talia shares “Ain’t Got Time For This,” which will lure you in with every listen.

Talia Keys is a foot-stomping, jaw-dropping soul-funk-rock n’ roll heavy hitting artist. Advocating for human rights Talia uses her music to convey a message of growth, awareness, and love. Promoting compassion and respect for our Earth and one another Keys brings a message within every song.

“Ain’t Got Time For This,” is an upbeat rock track with a bit of old-school soul flavor in the mix. You can’t help but tap your feet to the rhythm and sing along to the chorus as the music takes you away. Around the captivating and strong vocals, Talia is accompanied by driving instrumentation and vibrant, bold horns.

The guitar and lyrics are synced up with each other farthering the need to move your body. Before you know it, the song is over and you find yourself listening to it over and over again. It’s got a catchy melody and memorable lyrics that stick themselves inside your head and won’t let go.

Talia Keys is truly invested in the music and it shows. “Ain’t Got Time For This,” is only the beginning of Talia’s journey as we move into the New Year.

From The Artist : “Ain’t Got Time For This” is my new single about the importance of living in the NOW! We can’t keep wasting our time with distractions while the world is burning. I also have personal elements as I always do in my songs, this time about addiction. Having lost my dad to an overdose, the opioid epidemic and general treatment of drug users in this country has got to change. It’s not fair that Billionaires rule and pay no consequences and struggling parents and children are left to survive. It’s a call to action. I also believe in the American dream and many immigrants come here to have a better life and let’s face it, our country isn’t kind to them. So the line “Built on Dreams, we are here to stay” is about the dreamers and their parents who suffered and struggled to get them a better life. My partner is an immigrant, and seeing how hard it was for her to get citizenship I can only imagine what many people go through.

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