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Song Premiere : “Let the Wild Orchids Grow” – Michel Neray

As a singer-songwriter, Michel combines the lyrical sensibilities of Leonard Cohen, the musical styling of Jason Isbell, and the vocal versatility of Billy Joel. His songs are musical journeys that dig deep into the human experience, with earworm worthy melodies and quirky, intelligent lyrics. As a professional motivational speaker, Michel also peppers his live shows with stories and conversation that keep the audience engaged beyond the music.

“Life’s not a promise, let the wild orchids grow,” a friend told Michel Neray on the phone in the hospital. The friend had been emergency airlifted to the hospital, and at the time, they weren’t even sure he was gonna make it. It reminded Michel that we should all do what makes us happy when we can, without waiting for a someday that may never come. For singer-songwriter Michel Neray, that means taking a week-long motorcycle trip on the “Brothers’ Ride” across the country and state lines. Many times, a brother will extend an invite to another to join them on the trip, but more often than not, an excuse always seems to surface. That’s what inspired his Americana-influenced song, “Let The Wild Orchids Grow.” It’s his reminder to himself and others that you can’t take this lifetime for granted.

From The Artist : Imagine bashing together The Gambler, Mr. Bojangles, and Born to be Wild. Hear it unfold in my latest single, “Let the Wild Orchids Grow”. This is the second single from my new album Kiss The Rock’coming out on June 23rd. Every year, I go on a week-long motorcycle ride with a bunch of guys. We’ve traveled the north shore of Lake Superior all the way down to the Dragon’s Tail in Deal’s Gap, North Carolina. When friends hear about the adv enture, they inevitably say, “hey, I’d love to go with you,” to which we respond with, “well, you can.” But after a litany of excuses, they don’t end up joining us. A few years ago, a friend had to be airlifted to hospital. We weren’t sure he’d make it. He said to me, ‘Life’s not a promise, Let the Wild Orchids Grow.’ We spend far too much time worrying about what people think, or what the norms of society say we ‘should’ do. There’s no day of the week called ‘Someday’. Gotta live the life you choose, and choose the life you live!

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