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Touche Amore at The Mod Club – February 24, 2014

Rooting my way through the waves of crowd sweat and elbows, my ears picked up the very unique and all too familiar voice of Jeremy Bolm(Vocalist), be it where they came from or how they practiced they share a very unique sound. Their style sets them apart from most bands musically in a way that works just right for them. Their style is almost hard to explain when you think about it, they spend most of their time jumping from one point to another, all the while spinning a massive web that ties into something beautiful. They tend to speak to the inner youth of most if not all, “I wanna be everywhere I’m not” for example is just a classic snippet one would use to describe the feeling Touche Amore sets upon you.

When listening to their music you get the distinct feeling they are trying to convey their message directly to you, like you are the only person in the crowd listening to them. Touche Amore could be seen feeding the crowd with their erratic stage presence much like his music, jumping from point to point culminating into a rather impressive performance. One of the things I found rather intriguing about their music was their use of tempo, they sped up and slowed down at what seemed to be like perfect timing. Most of all their ability to feed off each other to further fuel the crowd is what I found to be the most intriguing, pushing each other through the performance the crowd responded with fervor.

Over all their performance at The Mod Club was a resounding success, their fans left with smiles and bruises alike, badges any regular show goer would be proud to sport for all to see. Their energy near off the charts however did hinder what most would call “Ideal” photo opportunities but in the end, they were there for their fans the number one thing in my opinion that differentiates a good band from a great band. Photographers beware with all that excess energy pouring out of Touche Amore you are bound to catch a foot in a face from incoming men and women alike, it gets pretty hectic out there!

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