3D Out Run

Rating 9.5/10

Yu Suzuki’s 1986 open top Ferrari girlfriend driving simulator Out Run is back as a 3DS enhanced port titled 3D Out Run
Coming from SEGA’s 3D Classic Series, Out Run puts you behind the wheel of a Ferrari Testarossa in a race against traffic, road hazards and above all the clock. 

Featuring branching paths, beautiful vistas, and a 6 station radio, Out Run’s classic game play holds up even today.

The game is a race against the clock on the open road, where the traffic and sharp turns are your worst enemies. 
Time is gained by reaching forks in the road where a split second decision on the direction must be made, setting you off to next unique area. In true arcade fashion, once the timer hits zero it’s time to start from the top! But no worries, the game is quick to pick up and put down, getting back on the road is a button press away.

The original arcade game featured a full sit down cabinet in the shape of a car, offering a comfortable seat, gear shifter, wheel, and even hydraulic feedback of the machine tilting as you zoomed around the roadways.

The team at SEGA M2 made sure to give you your money’s worth in extras and options never before seen in Out Run, giving you lots of options to customize your game; from changing the difficulty and controls, to fun effects like having the game simulate the original lean of the cabinet by tilting your screen.

They even went right down to recording the mechanical noises of the original arcade machine to really give you a feeling that you’re back popping coins in an arcade filled with cigarette smoke.

Other options also include a stage selection, two extra music tracks, different cabinet styles and a New/Old Game toggle to switch between the original Japanese arcade and the overseas arcade releases which have some slight alterations from each other.

Graphically Out Run’s classic style translates well to the Nintendo 3DS screen and the game runs at 60 frames per second, making this the smoothest ride yet.

On top of that the 3D effect is absolutely amazing. Everything pops out and really complements the sense of speed but at the same time I never felt sick or strained even with all the things on screen zooming past me, needless to say I was left impressed every time.

3D Out Run is great for both fans and newcomers alike, grab your copy on the Nintendo eShop and get ready to hit the road wherever you are with probably the best version of Out Run in existence.

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