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James Bay at the Sound Academy

On November 18th, British singer-songwriter, James Bay played to a sold out crowd at the Sound Academy in Toronto.

Lined up mostly of girls, this was Bay’s third time to the city in the last six months.  The crowd held up their phones to record every moment of the Let It Go singer.  “Wasn’t even here that long ago, just in the summer” James said to the audience as they wooed.  Since the last time he was in the GTA, James has toured his home country, graced magazine covers, and most recently became one of the faces of Burberry.  

Each song, the audience sang along word for word. James Bay did what felt like his whole album in the set, with “Scars” and “Let It Be” standing out.  He got pretty emotional during the set, at the end of “Let It Be” seemed to be a bit choked up and asked the audience to “give some love to Paris”.  

Throughout the night, Bay kept giving compliments to Toronto; “you must get a lot of people saying you are great” and mentioning how he would be back.  As he walked off the stage before the encore, the crowd chanted for him.  He returned, doing one of the slower numbers from his album Chaos and the Calm, “Incomplete”, a cover of “Rollin’ on a River” and ending with his hit “Hold Back the River”.

I would say it’s safe that Toronto hasn’t gotten enough of James Bay and nor has he of us.  You can order his debut album, Chaos and the Calm on iTunes now

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