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The Tenors at the Air Canada Centre

The Tenors took us on an emotional roller coaster ride last night at the Air Canada Centre as they are promoting their new CD “Under One Sky”, and the audience was sucked in right from the start.  The Air Canada Centre was transformed into an intimate venue with a couple thousand of your closest friends.   The Tenors walked out one by one on stage in very dapper looking suits and the audience immediately erupted into cheers.   I am very proud to say that Remigio and myself are friends and it was very cool to see your friend on stage at the Air Canada Centre, I have to admit I was beaming with pride as I watched them perform.  I was invited to watch the sound check and set up of the evenings performance, well, maybe I asked, and was immediately welcomed with open arms by The Tenors and their crew.  This goes to show you how humble these gentlemen are, they started their career off playing in church basements and haven’t forgotten where they come from.  

If you are not aware of who The Tenors are, they are a vocal quartet who perform a mix of classical and pop music, and they do it very well I might add.  The Tenors consist of Remigio Pereira, Victor Micallef, Fraser Walters and Clifton Murray.  I highly suggest you check them out even if it is just on their website I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised.  Their voices filled the arena with ease and if you appreciate good singing The Tenors music is something to look into.  With songs performed like “Besame Mucho” and “You Are So Beautiful” it is hard not to be moved.  During “You are So Beautiful” they explained that on Mother Day they all surprised their mothers by flying home for one day and they created a 5 minute video depicting the events.  Each one of them wrote personalized letters to their mothers. Cue the tears and tissues.  This video was played on the LED screens on the back of the stage while they performed.  But not to be out done they also performed a song for their fathers called “My Father’s Son”.  They made their way to the satellite stage in the middle of the arena, which somehow made the Air Canada Centre even more intimate if that is even possible.  

The whole night was not a sappy event, they recognized “Doo Doo” the clown’s actions this week and brought him on stage.  Doo Doo the clown (real name Shane Farberman) rescued two women in Toronto from someone who was assaulting people for no reason on the streets and Doo Doo called out to these women and let them take cover in his car as he called 911.  This act of bravery did not go unnoticed by The Tenors and they happily brought him on stage to commend his act of bravery and sang a song with him.  Doo Doo the clown even tweeted his excitement after the show.  The Upper Canada College Choir was brought also on stage to accompany The Tenors during a few songs and it was great to hear their voices with them.  

We were informed that Remigio was very sick but he toughed it out and performed anyways, he was not going to miss performing at The Air Canada Centre and to be honest I really don’t think I would have noticed if they didn’t say anything, he held his own and then some.  I had to smile a few times at Clifton’s dance moves, he has the “boy band” moves down pat especially during their encore which they described as Pavaroti meets Elvis.  Collar up and dancing away on stage is definitely a way to make the crowd smile.  They even went down into the audience during the encore and sang to some ladies in the crowd who were more than accepting of the invitation to be sung to.  

The Tenors are not all about music tho, they give back to their communities by helping raise money and awareness.  They have raised over 3 million dollars for Bulembu in Swaziland as well as raising money for Musiccounts and you can help by going to . 

My theme for the evening was “dreams do come true”, and Victor said the same when he was on stage and as he walked to the centre ice area, “I can’t believe we are performing at the Air Canada Centre”. 

Once again thanks to the crew because without them there is no show.  And a huge thanks go out to Remigio and Kevin for being so kind to me and letting me be a part of their day. 

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