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On this episode the guys start talk about the third edition of their Best Picture Winners revisits. The years are 1948-1957 (the 20th– 29th Oscar winners). You can find Edition 1 here and Edition 2 here and Part 2 here

Dakota and Andreas talk about the history of HUAC (The House of Un-American Actives) and the Hayes Code both black marks on the history of Hollywood.

Sarah Rix’s favourite films

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10. The Greatest Show on Earth

9. Around the World in 80 Days

8. From Here to Eternity

Tie for 6th place

6. An American in Paris

6. Marty

Music this week is from Justin Nozuka a worldly talent from right here in Toronto. 

Songs featured on this episode are:

Dakota photographed and Andreas reviewed Justin back in July at the Danforth Music Hall when he opened for the legendary Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. 

You can purchase Justin’s latest album Ulysees on iTunes here.

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