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“Matter” by St. Lucia

Final rating: 6/10

St. Lucia is okay, right?  The musician’s debut album didn’t completely blow my mind, and the second album, Matter, isn’t too extraordinary either. That being said, the tunes are catchy and easy to listen to– they’d function wonderfully as background music while one’s getting dressed or doing some errands inside the house, or on the Indie Apartment Party playlist on Songza (the one I always use whenever I host an indie apartment party in my disgusting den).

“Home,” the second song on the album, is almost too disco-sounding for me. It’s like the song wanted to force me to listen to it and dance to it, and my brain refused– I had to play the track a few times over before the lyrics became actual words in my brain.

The third track, however, “Dancing on Glass,” really was a good one. The whole album was overall very dancy, poppy, taking inspiration from repetitive beats in the background that, ultimately, made for a successful sequence of songs to carry it. “Physical” was alright, but at some point, all the songs kind of ran together and I couldn’t tell where one ended and one began.

St. Lucia is a talented musician, for sure– his Michael Jackson influences come through more in this album, as well as his remixing style. The man just loves his 80s songs!

Overall, Matter reached the expectations I had– St. Lucia didn’t travel too much from the sound he’s known for, and the album itself was a solid, well-put together record that allowed the music to ebb and flow through it in a manner than made sense. Perhaps not as strong of a record as I’d usually listen to, but it makes a great soundtrack for getting ready.

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