Preview: Wavelength Music Festival 2016

Wavelength Music Festival will be held in Toronto from February 12th-14th. Wavelength is a not-for-profit arts organization which promotes more of a local music scene and culture, allowing artists more opportunity. Their ultimate goal is to “transform communities” through music. Wavelength was established in 2000, making this their 16th annual run. They produce around 20 events yearly, including two annual festivals, and monthly concert series.

The Schedule

February 12th 

Where: The Garrison

Who: Foxtrott, Calvin Love, Keita Juma, Programm, Organ Mood

February 13th

Where: Markham City Building Lab

Who: Foxes in Fiction, Merganzer, Steven Lambke


Where: The Garrison

Who: Duchess Says, Soupcans, Beliefs, Partner, Versa

February 14th

Where: The Garrison

Who: Thus Owls, She Devils, Prince Innocence, Clairmont The Second, Pantayo

In my opinion, the best date is February 12th. You can’t go wrong with Calvin Love and Organ Mood. I saw Calvin Love for the first time at this past Field Trip with having no prior listening/knowledge and their set was pretty sweet. He has really “different” and distinct riffs. As for Organ Mood, they are more on the electronic side of things however with that being said, not your usual EDM. I would relate them to Purity Ring, but even more relaxed.

Tickets are available on Ticketfly; your all access pass is just $39.00. This is a 19 and over event, and all shows begin at 7:00pm. We hope to see you out there!

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