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“No No No” by Beirut

Beirut began as the solo project of Zach Condon but, expanded into a full band. They are an American based Indie-Pop band. Members include Zach Condon, Nick Petree, Paul Collins, Ben Lanz, Kyle Resnick, and Aaron Arntz. They recored with 4AD records which is an independent record label in the US that work with other artists such as Ariel Pink, Daughter, Purity Ring, and more.

This week, I chose the title track off of their most recent album, No No No. This a short, but feel good and fun filled track. This track arrived after a time of personal struggles in Condon’s life such as divorce, and health issues. I have a strong admiration for Condon’s vocals because they have such a smooth and fluid sound to them. He doesn’t exactly try to show off his voice by hitting high notes and going above and beyond but, his voice is extremely fluid. The song starts off a little more simple instrumental wise however, as the track goes on you start to notice more and more being added to the instrumentals making the track diverse including some electronics (vaguely), brass, and even violin. This is a track solely based off of repetition but, it is a very attractive track.


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