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Selena Gomez with DNCE and Bea Miller at the Air Canada Centre

A beacon of light in the pop-world, Selena Gomez brought the Rival Tour’s tremendous vocals, stage production, and fun to Toronto’s Air Canada Centre. 

Setting the mood for the night was New Jersey singer and actress Bea Miller. At just 17 years old, Miller has accomplished quite a bit like the nights main act. She gained musical stardom on X Factor and did voice work for Toy Story 3. 

Next on stage was party group DNCE. They came out in style to the Game Of Thrones theme song. The crowd knew something epic was coming. Led by Joe Jonas, his closest buds Jack Lawless, JinJoo Lee, and Cole Whittle really got the crowd fist pumping. These guys are really onto something. What started out as what music critics initially perceived as a gimmick, they consistently prove to be hard workers and hard players. With a 4 panel LCD background, they pranced around with grocery carts, guitars, and psychedelic lighting.

Tens of thousands of die-hard Selena Gomez fans gathered to the Air Canada Centre despite being a rescheduled performance due to the Raptors playoff game against the Cavaliers (Go Raptors Go!) and being on the same night as Queen Beyonce down the road. The night was electric regardless.

Instead of pyro and lasers, Gomez went for a more majestic and dramatic entry. Making a her grand entrance, her silhouette projected against a giant curtain, she danced and enchanted Toronto. As the silk wall fell, we finally got to see Gomez come forth in a pure beige body suit. Accompanying her was a dozen or so masked dancers.  

“It’s so good to be back here with you guys . You’ve seen my ups, you’ve seen my downs. And now I just want to have fun with you guys and celebrate my words. Sound good?” Gomez opened up about her past relationships and new personal growth. 

Her performance for the Revival Tour consists of five chapters. Throughout the night she had a number of wardrobe changes at each of the different acts. The first “masquerade” segment included her songs Same Old Love, Come and Get It, and Sober. Other themes that night involved “technology”, “sixth sense”, and of course the final “revival” act, where she performed her Zedd collaboration summer hit I Want You To Know

In a time when there is a lot of noise and confusion, Selena Gomez gives modern pop a sprinkle of class.

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