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“Berlin” by Ry X

Ry X is an Australian singer and songwriter. He grew up listening to Pearl Jam and Jeff Buckley, in which he says their inspiration can be spotted in his vocals. He began with Jive Records which is a label based out of L.A, until it shut down in 2011. He is now with Infectious which was re-launched in 2009, and is a UK independent record label which formed in 1993.

This week, I am featuring Berlin. Ry X actually constructed this song back in 2013 however, has done more of an official release for it as he has just put out his first official album, “Dawn” on May 6th, 2016. This song never fails to touch my heart and make me feel emotion. I have held a great appreciation for this track for quite some time now, and to see it be re-released and perhaps now receive the attention that is deserves, is considerably exciting. It brings this calming sensation, perhaps even another state of mind at times. The Australian artist’s voice is chillingly beautiful and rare, going along with soft strumming throughout the entire song. Instrumentation is not a highlight throughout this track, but the emotion with lyrics and his voice truly do enough for the track. If there were obnoxious instrumentation included in the track, perhaps it could be distracting from the emotion that Ry X is trying to make listeners feel. The track was a bit more popular across Europe however, it most definitely deserves some International attention, although he did not write it with the intent to be shared with more people than himself.

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