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Dilly Dally with Beliefs and Bad Channels at Lee’s Palace

Photos by Matt Forsythe

Toronto’s punk rockers Dilly Dally make a scene at Lee’s Palace on a windy December night. Supporting acts, Bad Channels and Belief made for a crazy, heart pulsing show.

Hailing from Toronto’s DIY scene, Bad Channels began the show off with a nostalgic dream daze feel. Sporting outfits from both the 80s and 90s and the music to match, the band definitely caught my eye. The band’s latest ep, Death Tolls (2016) which is a mixture of synths, and ambient guitars made for a great transition for their live performance. Songs like “Death Dreams” sound like an opening credit song to a 90’s cult movie. I would highly recommend seeing this band live.

Beliefs, a Toronto shoegaze band, which in my opinion is something that needs to be revived, took stage. A band that makes you remember what it feels like to go outside, play with slinkys, and make you want to go buy a bunch of lava lamps. A mix between My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth, the band reminds you what it’s like to be young and naïve. Using their latest album, Leaper (2015) as the tier of their set list, the band had highly anticipation songs like the album titled song “Leaper” and “Tidal Wave”. One word? Fuzz pedals for days!

Punker’s, Dilly Dally, rally up the crowd like no other. Returning to make a second appearance just after finishing their recent Toronto show and tour with indie rockers, GroupLove, Dilly Dally showed extra love to their fellow Torontonians. Lee’s Palace made for an intimate showcase which seems to be fine by the bands as they informed the crowd they were excited to be playing with their friends. Their recent record, Sore (2015) made sweaty fans pushed against each other as songs like “Purple Rage” and “The Touch” was played. This band, whom I’ve expressed dire love for the past two years, completely blowed my mind. A brilliant and epic show was brought to stage, the humble quartet were sincere with the words and melodies they played. I would triple recommend anyone to check this band out.

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