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“Call Me Up” by Homeshake

Homeshake is an Indie Pop project that was created by Peter Sagar, featuring a variety of different artists. Sagar was formerly Mac Demarco’s guitarist, and then went on to begin his own solo work. He still played with Demarco while releasing his first album “The Homeshake Tapes” for about a year, then concluded his time touring with Mac Demarco. Sagar is actually an artist that has been previously featured on Below The Ground which can be found here. He works with Indie Label, Synderlyn records.

This time around, I am featuring his new single “Call Me Up”, which was released on November 3rd, 2016. This song has a “spacey” atmosphere to it, along with its Indie Pop style. It sound’s quite different from his last album, as he is approaching a new atmosphere of sound. Additionally, it has a modern touch to it with some abstract sounding keyboard that almost sounds similar to some sort of brass instrument, which is consistent throughout the song.

His new album will be released sometime this February, and you can catch him at The Silver Dollar Room in Toronto this Friday. Tickets are currently sold out however more will be available at the door.

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