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July Talk at the Town Ballroom

Photographs by Janine Van Oostrom.

There is something demanding about the way that July Talk carry themselves on stage, it’s as if their presence alone screams “look at us”. I’m not sure if it the stark contrast between the two lead singers; Peter Dreimanis with his raspy in your face vocals and Leah Fay with her sweet melodic sounds. Or if it’s the undeniable raw chemistry that the two of them share on the stage; but either way they make for one damn entertaining show.

Dreimanis was first to take to the stage followed swiftly by Fay who was clad in a white t-shirt that had the words “ask ask” across the front (something that would become truly ironic later in the show). From the second that Fay took to the stage she carried herself in an almost dreamy childlike manner, staring into the crowd as if they had a secret and she knew exactly what it was. July Talk were quick to get to business starting off the night with “Picturing Love” a single off their newly released album Touch. Throughout the night they played several of their new songs including “Now I Know”, “Push + Pull” and “Beck + Call”. Yet it was their older songs like “Guns & Ammunition”, “Summer Dress” and “The Garden” that brought out the warmest welcome from the crowd.

Anyone who has ever seen July Talk will tell you that it is a show quite unlike any other; Fay and Dreimanis are wildly entertaining. From the way they throw their bodies around on the stage to the way they whole heartedly interact with the crowd. It undeniable that they have immense passion for what they do, it’s almost as if they are actors putting on a show for the crowd with every song. Several times during the show Fay will find herself pressed up against the barrier being gripped tightly by the crowd as she sings; also at one point Dreimanis drove straight into the crowd guitar in hand.

Yet the most interesting part of the whole evening came right towards the end, Fay and Dreimanis were in the middle of a very intense moment (and had even shared a kiss on the stage) when a member of the crowd yelled some crude comments towards Fay. For anybody who knows the band it was no surprise that she stopped the show and called the man out. After some finger pointing and a few snide remarks the culprit was found and quickly evicted from the building. This was quickly followed by a roaring round of applause from the remainder of the audience and the show continued.

The band shared with the crowd that they have been on the road for most of the year and this show at The Town Ballroom was like the dessert after a very filling meal. They expressed their gratitude over and over again and truly made the crowd feel genuinely appreciated for showing up. July Talk are quickly becoming known for their live show and it appears that their relentless tour schedule is starting to pay off hugely. And I think I can confidently say from everyone who attended the show; thank you July Talk for choosing to end your year in Buffalo!

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