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“Everythings so Wrong, Pt.2” by The Holydrug Couple

The Holydrug Couple are a psych-rock duo based out of Santiago,Chile.  Members include Ives Sepulveda and Manuel Parra. They released their debut LP in 2011, and released their most recent album “Soundtrack for Pantanal” this past December. The began recording in their own studio at home, and are now with Sacred Bones Records, which is an American indie label based out of Brooklyn, NY; founded in 2007.

This week,  I chose the second track off of their new album titled “Everything’s so Wrong, Pt. 2”. This song kind of spoke to me because honestly ,life is a little bumpy right now and the weather doesn’t really help either- winter blues ya know? But I love this song because it’s just straight up about everything being wrong- but the instrumentals are still pu-beat with a psychedelic rock vibe, with some shoe gaze. The song is pretty repetitive, no impressive interludes or anything except for a bit of a guitar solo, but it all just works so well. Give it a listen my friends, it will surprisingly help out with the seasonal depression.

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