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As It Is with Roam, Grayscale, and Sleep On It at the Hard Luck Bar

British pop punk band, As It Is, brought their very first headlining North American tour to the Hard Luck Bar on Sunday night. When I arrived around 4:30pm, the line was already pretty long as fans lined up early trying to stake out a good spot. Sheer excitement ensued as 9:30 rolled around and the band appeared on stage. Playing to a packed venue, the band put on an electric set as they performed songs such as ‘Okay’, ‘Speak Soft’, and ‘Still Remembering’. You’d think after standing in line for hours that the fans would have gotten pretty tired, but that definitely was not the case as they all moshed, crowd surfed, and sang along to every song.

One thing I appreciate most about As It Is, is their stage presence. Vocalist, Patty Walters, never stands still. When he’s not bouncing around on stage, he’s in the crowd getting close to the fans, encouraging them to sing along. Walters was also seen getting in the faces of his fellow band mates, in which they’d start singing along with him too. It was evident that they were all having a ball on stage.

As the night came to a close, they ended their set with ‘Pretty Little Distance’, ‘Cheap Shots & Setbacks’, and ‘Dial Tones’

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