World Premiere

Video Premiere: “Push Too Hard” ft. Fox Glove by Astrocolor

Push Too Hard is from Astrocolor’s latest EP, Astrocolor II, which was released on April 7th via Entertainment One Music.  Astrocolor II a stunning beat-and-pulse driven record of techno, alternative house, dark breakbeat and new jazz, blended with intricate strings and percussion.

The one-take video was directed by Mike Morash on a highway overpass in Victoria, BC. It was filmed backwards and then reversed, to create the slightly surreal movements that become more apparent as the video, and song, progress. 

From the artist : “I was instructed to bring some of my wardrobe to a remote overpass. I admitted to being a bit nervous about a single cut of me, solo, disrobing and it was suggested that we run the video backwards so that it would appear that I was putting on garments instead. A bottle of bourbon was produced to calm my nerves.” – Neil Cooke-Dallin, Astrocolor

“It was roughly a year ago when I first had the pleasure of listening to the guys who now comprise Astrocolor. The music was equal parts funky, chill, and unexpected. We sort of implicitly decided that these were the three elements we wanted to include in video. Rather than plan every movement and action, Neil and I sort of felt out the music choreographed on the fly. I think this organic method translated well in the video. It’s simple and doesn’t distract from the great music.” – Mike Morash, Director

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