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The Lemon Twigs at Lee’s Palace

The Lemon Twigs have a big reputation as an excellent live band – and their second night at Lee’s Palace certainly confirmed the hype.

The dreamy 70s-type love songs The Lemon Twigs play seemed a bit schmaltzy and gimmicky to me – a style they play up well in their music videos. There’s a fair amount of buzz about them, and it can be hard for a band to live up to that. But they won me over almost immediately. It’s amazing how current the faux 70s tunes sound live – and it’s absolutely delightful. It no longer feels like a gimmick, instead it’s a lovely collection of melodic tunes from some very talented musicians.

Brian and Michael D’Addario act as co-frontmen, Brian opens the show in the spotlight, exuding a relaxed enjoyment on stage that puts people at their ease, with Michael showcasing his impressive rum skills. He pounds the skins and twirls his drumsticks with an intensity that provides a compelling sight behind his brother. Bassist Megan Zeankowski added to Brian’s calm vibe on stage and Danny Ayala provided keys and sweet backing harmonies, even if his jazzy sweater did seem out of place alongside the 70s garb of the brothers.

Both brothers are skilled drummers and guitarists, though it’s Michael’s surly intensity and high kicks that impress the crowd most. While he’s on guitar, he jumps and flip himself around the stage impressively. Juxtaposed to this, Brian looks like he’s genuinely having a lot of fun up there, balancing out Michael’s aloof stage character.

I feel transported back in time but also firmly rooted in 2017. They’ve pulled of a unique and memorable band persona with some great songs. Go and see The Lemon Twigs if you get the chance.



  1. I Wanna Prove To You
  2. Haroomata
  3. Why Didn’t You Say That
  4. Love Stepped Out
  5. Frank
  6. You Cant Talk To The Dude
  7. These Words
  8. How Lucky Am I?
  9. Night Song
  10. Baby Baby
  11. So Fine
  12. Foolin Around
  13. As Long As We’re Together


  1. Light and Love
  2. Queen of My School
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