Travis Scott at the Scotiabank Arena

Travis Scott grew up in Houston,Texas.While growing up in Texas,he often attended the theme park , Astroworld. He proceeded to release an albumwith that exact name, as it was a place that influenced his childhood.

The album has gained a ton of attention, with many of the tour dates being sold out. I always heard that Scott’s shows were pretty wild and impressive, in which I was expecting crowd moshing, and high energy from Scott. In terms of production I expected nothing more than some cool lighting and visuals, but I was wrong. This was the most high production and entertaining hip-hop shows I have ever been to. I’m a fan of Kendrick Lamar’s show and stand by it being my favourite hip-hop show to attend, but this one left me feeling almost the same way as I do at a Kendrick show, which always has my jaw dropped.

Scott had an astounding amount of energy that never depleted throughout the set. He constantly was thanking the crowd, hyping them up, dancing, and so on. You could just tell he was happy to be there.

The show featured a ton of cool visuals, with graphic on the stage itself, along with the background.

One aspect I didn’t like were the backdrops that dropped down on both sides of the arena, similar to the Justin Timberlake Man of the Woods tour. The drops featured cool Astroworld themed visuals, along with live footage of Travis performing however, the stage was entirely blocked for anyone sitting on the left or right side of the arena. The only way you could actually see the stage was if you were on the floor, or sitting in the back of the arena. I didn’t appreciate that this remained for 2 or 3 songs.

Following this, “Piss on your Grave” instrumentals began to play with the visual appearing in fire, “Look Mom I Can Fly” as a roller coaster track slowly dropped from the ceiling, with a coaster. As the song played, Scott got into the cart. The coaster road back and forth for “5% Tint,” and “Can’t Say.” During this, a camera was on the coaster over Travis’s face similar to recordings you can get from roller coasters. This was a really entertaining aspect of the show.

The show ended on a hype note including tracks “Antidote,” “Goosebumps,” and “Sicko Mode,” in which Drake DID NOT appear. On the second stage towards the back, the Astroworld Travis Scott head that is on the cover of the album was blown up. Personally I feel as though this would have looked a lot cooler on the main-stage. It didn’t give anyone sitting in the back any more of a better experience as the head was not even facing them.

He played a total of 31 songs, in which I appreciated the variety. With that being said, many of these songs were cut short including “Stop Trying to Be God,” which is a highlight on the Astroworld album. Although I did appreciate the variety, I would have rathered him play less songs fully through. The set only ended up being just over an hour. Although those aspects were disappointing, I would still totally go back to another show.

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