Concert Reviews

Jonas Brothers at Scotiabank Arena

Photos by Katrina Wong Shue

It had been almost six years to the day since the Jonas Brothers were last in Toronto… a lot has changed in those six years. However after experiencing the Happiness Begins tour I can tell you that Toronto’s love for the brothers has not.

It was a two-day event that had thousands of men and women beyond excited that the comeback era was finally here. For some people this was their first time experiencing the Jonas Brothers live, myself included. For others, they had shown up for every tour when they were younger and nothing could stop them now.

When the house lights went dark and the video boards that lined the stage started rolling, piercing screams mixed with elation and anxiety filled the arena. The six-year hiatus had ended, the Jonas Brothers had returned in solid colour suits floating from the sky; ready to take the crowd on a Rollercoaster. After what felt like a ten minute standing ovation, that moved the brothers to near tears, it was time to briefly take it back to 2007 where S.O.S with their vocals, changed me as a human being.

One of the things I loved most about the show was their stage and it’s set up (which would eventually come back to hurt me at the end of the show), the boys really utilized every inch of the stage to make sure every single person got a chance to see them up close. As a Joe stan, I say thank you to him for favouring the left side of the stage, my camera roll and my heart are so full. They had a barricade that parted the floor so they could walk amongst the people and make it to the B stage. Now to everyone who got to sit at the VIP bar near the B stage, I hope you lived your best life and didn’t cry into your drinks during Hesitate, because I sure did.

The brothers made a joke that the difference between the last time they were on tour and now is, that almost everyone are legal to drink during their shows. They took a moment to interact with the audience, give thanks and do a shot before it was time for the fan request portion of the show. Those close enough to the B stage brought signs with them hoping their song would get played. The fan request song of that evening was Sorry from their 2008 album A Little Bit Longer, a song that has not been played live that many times over the years, I’m not entirely sure everyone was aware how lucky we were.

As we began to transition into the second act of the show, Nick and Joe were given the creative space and opportunity to perform some of the solo projects they worked on during the hiatus. Together they performed Jealous and Cake By the Ocean, which featured inflatables and confetti they made you feel like you were at a party inside a car war, and I wasn’t even mad about it. It an emotional video that showed Kevin and his daughters looking at a younger “version” of Kevin, he took the stage dressed in all white, as he sat behind the piano and played the first few notes of Comeback, it got a bit emotional. I had a moment of wow they really did make a comeback, more than once that night, and it was everything.

For what would end up being the final few songs of the night the Jonas Brothers made sure they played a mash-up of all the hits that helped them reach the level of international fame they’ve still kept to this day. Closing the evening out with Lovebug which featured a sold-out arena basically singing the entire song, leaving the brothers in disbelief once again, and everyone’s favourite bop from 2006, Year 3000.

For those of you who were keeping up with everything happening in real time on Friday night, there were some technical difficulties that stopped the Jonas Brothers performing the encore. While there are many opinions on what went down, I will not let the last fifteen minutes of the show take away from the magic of the other ninety-five minutes that happened before. For someone who has always wanted to see the Jonas Brother but could not when they were young, Friday night was everything, and for those fans that had waited six years to see their favourite band live again, Friday night was everything.