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Song Premiere : “All We Need” – Vela Rosa

Vela Rosa continues to kick out the jams this Spring; this time in the form of their latest single “All We Need.” The sophomore single from their upcoming debut album “Run in Colour,” due out next month. Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta Canada, Vela Rosa embraces a vintage rock & roll throwback sound that feels very reminiscent of artists such as Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton and Pink Floyd. The quartet is made up of lead guitarist and vocalist Wyatt Clark, drummer and backing vocalist Chandler Pope, rhythm guitar and backing vocalist Josh Bragg, and bassist and backing vocalist Ben Nickerson.

“All We Need,” is filled with bold lyricism and swirling instrumentation that fills the room. With strong lead vocals from Wyatt, the group comes together to create a sound that is unique and eclectic. Their meaningful lyrics, in contrast to the up-beat, hooky riffs throughout, tackles the doubt and difficulties that go hand-in-hand with coming up as a new rock band in the musical landscape of today.

Though quite young in age, the group plays and writes beyond their years as they give off major 70’s Rock ‘n Roll vibes. You can just smell the arena potpourri of pot, patchouli, cigarettes, and cheap beer as the sprawling 14-song album blares through the speakers. If you close your eyes, you’d think this record is a lost artifact from the actual Dazed and Confused era, or you’d surmise this quartet is made of old rock n’ roll salts who have been playing music since the dawn of bell bottoms and El Camino pickups.

The upcoming full release “Run In Colour” captures a moment in time, framing a world-class new band stepping forward; documenting a nightmare album-making process, and snapshotting 20-somethings growing up. Chandler says: “It’s an amalgamation of experiences in navigating the transition from being a teen to an adult, and not wanting to mess that up.”

Taking the music world by storm, Vela Rosa is ready to win your heart over with each and every listen,

“All We Need” is out via all digital outlets today.

From Vela Rosa’s Chandler Pope

I feel “All We Need” is a bit of an outlier when compared to most other songs on the album, musically at least. We took a “less is more” approach with the organization and recording of the music and instruments, and really tried to leave room for the lyrical content to shine. Lyrically, “All We Need” is a pointed criticism at those loud, ignorant few who believe that they have the right to tell others who they can and can’t love. Though the lyrics may be written in a way that the song could be confused as a lengthy innuendo, it is truly about love and the right to have it in any way one desires.

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