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Song Premiere : “For the Byrds” – Transmission Party

Transmission Party has just released its brand-new track “For the Byrds” and you’d be crazy to miss this one!

Featuring some truly upbeat and melodic background music, For the Byrds isn’t mere music, it’s more of a poetic love letter. The lyrics just seem to come from the heart. Maybe that’s why it resonates so deeply. The track is definitely a classical masterpiece with upbeat music that everyone is bound to love. It is pretty evident that Transmission Party is heavily influenced by The Beatles, Beach Boys, David Bowie, and Talking Heads. So, this track is perfect for anyone tired of aggressive rap songs about drugs and girls. It definitely has that soulful quality that contemporary songs lack; it just makes you feel vulnerable. And that’s what good music is supposed to do; make you feel something, not just make your ears bleed.

In addition to the upbeat music, the lyrics of this song are also very unique. It’s all about love at first sight and the overwhelming emotions associated with it. The next day, I can’t get you out of my head. We love the fact that there is nothing pretentious, or fake about the lyrics. No crap about playing hard to get, or banging chicks, just a wholesome tale about love. That’s what makes this song so sweet despite the upbeat music. It is a perfect combination of upbeat tunes paired with soulful lyrics. And we have to comment on the singer’s voice; it is so very expressive. Transmission Party is surely an underrated artist because the way he raises and drops his voice throughout the song is commendable. The highs and lows perfectly go with the lyrics and the overall theme of the song.

Although the artist has deliberately softened his voice for this song, it is evident that he has quite an impactful voice. Strong, yet soulful and the artist has managed to project a lot of emotion in his voice. So, you can’t help but sing along with the rhythm. With a wide range of influences which range from Blur, Oasis, Arcade Fire, Franz Ferdinand; to the classics such as The Beatles, Beach Boys, David Bowie and Talking Heads, Transmission Party molds his music into a unique listening experience.A charismatic blend of modern psychedelic music (without the drugs), for fans of bands such as of Montreal and Supergrass, Transmission Party is right up your alley. Each song on the record is skillfully crafted with Byrnes (the son of longtime Billy Joel guitarist Tommy Brynes), taking over duties on vocals, bass, guitars, keys, percussion, as well as engineer duties; truly a labor of love.

From The Artist
: “For the Byrds is one of my favorite songs I’ve written and recorded. Inspired by 60’s psychedelia, the Byrds, California sunshine bands and 12-string guitars, I wanted to put out something fun and happy after the wild and wacky 2020 we had. It’s been around since 2015, but it never sounded right to me in other forms. After retooling it during last summer, I felt it was done and hope others dig the groovy sound. “

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