William Beckett at Mod Club – 05/12/12

Written by Tashana Billey and Photographs by Taylor Luftig

Fans of William Beckett flocked the Virgin Mobile Mod Club for a night of great music. The tour was in support of Beckett’s EP, Walk the Talk. His first release since The Academy Is ended. Although Beckett has done amazing things while in TAI, there was a hint of doubt if he can pull off a solo career. By the end of the night, I’m glad that he proved me wrong.

The entire night he reminded fans, this tour was about getting back to his roots and starting over. He won the crowd over with his new hits like “Comprising Me” and “Girl, You Shoulda Have Been a Drummer”. He brought back memories with acoustic versions of “Classifieds”, “The Test”, plus “Down and Out”. Between each song change, he engaged with the crowd making the night more enjoyable. Later on Beckett invited Cara Salmando to the stage to perform, Ryan Adam’s “Come Pick Me Up” which was beautifully done.

Beckett always had the necessary elements to be a rock star. This tour was just a test to see if he can walk the talk. His classic pop goodness with a rock edge is bound to be a hit. This isn’t the end for Beckett, it’s just the beginning. He ended the evening with a new tune called “Great Night” which seems fitting because we all had a wonderful time.

william beckett
william beckett
william beckett
william beckett
william beckett


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