Imagine Dragons at Echo Beach – July 29, 2013

Photographs by Ashley Sherwood

Hundreds packed TD Echo Beach awaiting the arrival of Imagine Dragons. If you haven’t heard about this band by now, you’ve surely been living in a cave.

Their songs have been used in countless commercials this past year which created much buzz for the Las Vegas band. With a smashing debut record and two hit singles, Imagine Dragons would embark on a North American tour.

As the members of Imagine Dragons get ready to take the stage, it is clear that crowd was about to witness something magnificent.  The backdrop takes you on a starry ride as the band performs songs from Night Visions which included a nice of cover Ben E. Kings “Stand by Me”.

There were extended instrumentals between each song change. Ben McKee, Dan Reynolds, Wayne Sermon and Dan Platzman took the time to showcase their artistry abilities which only proved how notably epic they are.

Standing on stage last night, Dan looked out at the crowd and simply encourages everyone to “feel free tonight”. Let go of everything and get completely relax and so the crowd did for the rest of the show.

The band saved the best for last as they closed with “Radioactive” and “Nothing Left To Say” with Dan singing as well as drumming from high above the stage. Considering we live an auto-tune age, it was incredible to watch Imagine Dragons do something real.

Thanks to Live Nation Ontario for media access.

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