This is the first Oscar Primer podcast for Contra Zoom, continuing the series of Oscar Primer’s Dakota does every year, normally just as written articles. He is flying solo this episode as he talks about The Martian and Bridge of Spies.

These are the nominations for The Martian

– Best Picture

– Best Actor for Matt Damon

– Best Adapted Screenplay 

– Best Production Design

– Best Sound Mixing

– Best Sound Editing

– Best Visual Effects

These are the nominations for Bridge of Spies

– Best Picture

– Best Supporting Actor for Mark Rylance 

– Best Original Screenplay

– Best Production Design

– Best Original Score

– Best Sound Mixing

Make sure you check out the first written Oscar Primer where Dakota discusses The Hateful Eight, Inside Out and Joy. These posts will be posted once a week. 

Dakota joined Sean Chin and Andreas Babiolakis to talk about the Oscar nominations among other things on this week’s episode of Capsule.

Andreas and Dakota gave their immediate reactions to the Oscar nominations last week on Contra Zoom

Andreas also wrote about the Oscar nominations.

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