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45: Wonder Woman and an Appreciation of Female Directors

On this week’s episode Sierra Nutkevitch joins Dakota Arsenault and they talk about the latest DC film Wonder Woman directed by Patty Jenkins. In the second part of the episode the two discuss their favourite films directed by women and the importance of female fronted movies. 

  • Sierra wrote an excellent review of the Wonder Woman film that is worth reading before listening to the pod.
  • Sierra recommends a few great Wonder Woman stories fans of the movie should check out.
  • Anything by Gail Simone who is probably the most influential female comic book writer ever having also penned stories for Birds of Prey and Batgirl.
  • New 52 was a series that Brain Azzarello contributed to, which is a new take on the origin story. 
  • For fans of Batman check out WW’s crossover with him in The Hiketeia by Greg Rucka and J.G. Jones.
  • JLA: A League of One where WW fights a dragon by Christopher Moeller!
  • Superman: Sacrifice an arc that features WW also written by Greg Rucka. 
  • Let us know what you thought of Wonder Woman and what your favourite female directed films are @liveinlimbo, @dgapa and @FictionalizedMe.
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Music Editor at Live in Limbo and Host of Contra Zoom podcast. Dakota is a graduate of Humber College's Acting for Film and Television. He now specializes in knowing all random trivia. He writes about music, sports and film. Dakota's life goal is visit all baseball stadiums, he's at 7.