World Premiere

Video Premiere : “Poli Shore” by Ten Minute Detour

From The Artist : “The song that almost wasn’t. Going into studio, Poli Shore was the odd man out and was never intended to make the album. Nonetheless, the recording of the first six tracks went so smoothly that on the last day in studio we found ourselves with nothing left to finish. So, we decided to pound out one more song on the spot. That song was Poli Shore. Originally this track held a lot of hesitation and uncertainty for us, which is fitting given its lyrics are based on personal insecurities. Whether it’s financial anxiety, lacking confidence, suppressing anger, self-image, it’s stuff that everyone deals with and people rarely talk about. It’s getting better, but I think we can still kick this thing open and help people realize that we’re all going through something. The song is essentially a dreamscape of these common issues that we’ve all dealt with at some point in our lives. In addition, this song’s own story represents overcoming the uncertainty it speaks to, and has become one of our favorite songs on the record.” – Andrew Shier, lead singer




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