APRIL 15, 2015 – The Wombats, Moon King, The Mowgli’s

With the cool iTunes drop of Tyler, The Creator’s Cherry Bomb taking over all music websites this week, here’s a quick little shout out to some other stuff that’s new, hype, fire, intense, awesome, wicked, wonderful, and all-around good. You gotta share the love, you know? I like Tyler and all, but let’s not forget what else is out this week.

The Wombats – Glitterbug

Securing their place in British indie pop rock, The Wombats’ third album is a wonderful feel-good record that pretty much forces you to bop your head along. The second track, “Give Me A Try,” is sure to leave the listener smiling. The Wombats have never really gone wrong anywhere, and Glitterbug is a superb delivery from the band. The drums in “Greek Tragedy” are superb. Every time I think one song is the best, the next one comes on in an effortless transition, making me doubt what I had thought was good before. As it goes on, it only improves, creating a perfect summer album with songs like “Be Your Shadow” and “Pink Lemonade” truly standing out from the rest. The album is involving but also evolving. Like the band is singing directly to you, the lyrics lift up and become more intense and personal the more the album is heard. Honestly, this is something to be played over and over. 

Rating: 9/10

Moon King – Secret Life

Toronto natives Moon King have created their debut LP, and it’s glorious. They’ve been working hard to establish a name for themselves, and I, probably like many others, was excited for this record to finally come out. Not only is it great to see Toronto locals hustling and succeeding, but the intense, groovy, semi lo-fi sound of the album is interesting and appealing and shows the direction that the dup have been heading in for a while. “Hexe” is probably the best song on the album, exciting and varying in tone and beats that encourage a second listen. Slower “Apocalypse” is somehow reminiscent of lying in football fields in the fall or summertime, but perhaps that’s just me. Secret Life is a superb debut, an impressive push for the local duo who are growing bigger and better with each EP.

Rating: 8/10

The Mowgli’s – Kids In Love

Cheer alt-rock California fun sun group The Mowgli’s have consistently delivered lovely, upbeat, happy, decently good music. I want to hate them because I’m a bitter old wench who lives in the darkness and thrives after midnight, but the delightful happiness that The Mowgli’s insist on spreading in the world has infected my inner being and now I’m moving to San Francisco. From the first song on the album, “You’re Not Alone,” I was already feeling better– even though I didn’t necessarily need cheering up. “I’m Good” only furthers the joy. If I was one of those people who was constantly angry and hated being happy, this would be the last thing I would listen to, because it’s basically impossible not to smile while hearing the radiant positivity the band pushes through their sound. It permeates your speakers and gets under your skin. Must be California. Is that what constant sunshine and access to the beach does to you? If so, I want a taste.

Rating: 8/10

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