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“Keep On Loving You” by Cigarettes After Sex

Cigarettes After Sex is a very chill Indie band, that consider their genre to be “slow motion”. They were founded in El Paso, Texas. They were created in 2008 including many different members and collaboration’s since. Their influences include Julee Cruise, Red House painters, and Trinity Session. Although they were founded in El Paso, they are now based out of Brooklyn, NY. The band is led by Greg Gonzalez, singer and songwriter.

Disappointingly, I wasn’t able to dig up any information on the label. With this being said, perhaps they released it on their own?

This song has a very soft, chill, and intimate feel to it. I love that even though the vocals are still relaxed, you can still sense the emotion and passion put into this song, also seen through heartfelt lyrics such as “Because it was us baby way before them
& we’re still together”
and “I don’t wanna sleep I just wanna keep on loving you”. The cool and relaxed guitar with soft strumming really adds some personality to this song. The way their sound is so calming and relaxing strongly reminds me of The XX, with a bit more production. I feel like this song could almost go on for even longer, because it is so smooth and well done.

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