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Homeshake at The Silver Dollar Room

It was a sold out show for Homeshake in Toronto, last Friday. The Silver Dollar room was packed to say the least however, the set sure as hell made listeners forget about the crammed feeling.

Openers included Jaunt and Elsa. Both were decent, I found Elsa’s a bit more interesting as they had a large variety in tempo. I am unsure of the name of their final song however, it included many surprises with variation which made it extremely attractive to the ear. Both bands most definitely have talent and further potential however my criticism to the singer of Elsa would be to move around a bit. The singer was extremely stiff literally just standing in one spot, only moving his hands to play the guitar- and people noticed. Maybe he was shy, I’m not sure but either way, loosen up!

As for Homeshake, the band entered the stage with a very low-key and calm vibe. People were really stoked once they entered the stage, as it has been a while since Sagar has played Toronto, as he does not tour all that much.

Throughout the show he played with a lot of synthesizing and often changed mic setting’s so that he could take on the deep voice or perhaps, an alter ego that he utilizes in different tracks such as “What did he look like”, and more. I almost wish that he spoke more throughout the show, and additionally with his normal voice but at the same time it made me feel like I was almost living within his music and it added abstract to the show. Sure you go to a show and the band will play the music off of their alum’s however, he played a variety of the new and the old while utilizing the voice and it almost allowed show-goers to immerse themselves in the experience of seeing Homeshake even more.

This show was so different and enjoyable, not the usual concert. Although it was extremely crowded, it just showed how many people appreciate his music. His music is on another level of creativity and uniqueness and to hear that live was amazing. His style is somewhere between psychedelic and Indie, but it’s so unique in comparison to any other psychedelic music. Yes, psychedelic music is different already, but this is taking it to another level. Additionally, it was cool to be able to visually see how he can put these interesting sounds together live , and left everyone in awe.

Overall, the show was great. Thanks Peter, see ya next time around.

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